Originally as the solo project of mastermind and singer Oliver Mietzner, DECENCE was founded in the year 2002. In 2003, his debut album "The first step" was released on Excentric-Records. The included song "Genesis" hit the bullets of the DAC charts (German Alternative Charts). Two years later, the full-length "constellation_gemini" followed; it‘s single uncoupling "There must be more" entered the DAC and stayed at high rankings for several weeks. It also hit the top 10 of the GEWC (German Electronic Webcharts).

After the release of "IANUS" on XenoBiotic Records in 2008, it got a little silent about DECENCE. Besides playing shows, Oliver was busy with writing new songs and making internal changes, after which DECENCE got back on track as a trio. Since 2012, ex-Shadow Minds members Micha (mixing, machines) and Esche (machines) enhance DECENCE's studio work and live performances by bringing new influences to the band. DECENCE get their musical inspiration from numerous sources, play with them and eventually unite them in homogenous musical creations that can be heard, interpreted and sensed in many ways. In inclusion of classical influences, the 80s playfulness, the 50s and 70s emotionality and today's progressiveness, DECENCE create relentless and unique musical statements.

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New album "Alive!"


We will release our new (digital) album "today" at 0:00 am CET (10/31)! It's entitled, as if we didn't know, "Alive!" and it's 17 awesome songs should make up for the long long wait. Note: the album will be available only on Bandcamp for the first! Those who prefer stores like Amazon, iTunes etc. will have to wait for another one or two months – sorry about that! Anyway, unlike most stores, Bandcamp offers high quality audio files (FLAC) and that's exactly what we want, right? Here's the link you should check from 0:00 am: "Alive!" on Bandcamp. For the time being, you can listen to all songs here. Enjoy!

New single "Flying"


"Decence" are back again! Oliver (vocals, songwriting, machines, mixing), Micha (machines, mixing) and Esche (machines) came together to newly form Decence and make a due statement: their new album will be entitled "Alive!". It will bring back what fans have missed in the last couple of years. Emotional, at times cold, warm, describing, desired and sweeping synth future pop; made to hear, feel, think and live. To shorten the wait a little bit, the first single "Flying" recently was released as a free download. "Alive!" will be released on XenoBiotic Records on 10/31/2014, so stay tuned!

"Flying" on Bandcamp | Watch video to "Flying"

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